Support for the End Destination of Recycling Charter

“Everyone knows that recycling their rubbish is the right thing to do, but most people are completely unaware of what happens to their recycling after they put it out for collection. This new charter developed by the Resource Association and LARAC provides people with the answers and will hopefully provide an extra incentive for people to recycle more.” Lord Taylor of Holbeach, Recycling Minister, DEFRA

“We welcome this chance to work with all the players involved to provide a robust picture of what happens to the recyclable materials collected from householders. Local authorities know that waste and recycling is a service about which residents have strong opinions and perceptions, both positive and negative. In LARAC’s view, greater transparency will boost the public’s trust in recycling, address some of the inaccurate perceptions about where recyclable materials end up, and help local authorities to be confident in the service they provide.” Joy Blizzard, Chair of LARAC

"WRAP welcomes this charter.  Our research also shows that letting residents know what happens to their recycling is one of the key principles of a good collection service. A pledge to ‘collect as many materials for recycling as possible and explain what happens to them’ is enshrined in the Waste Collection Commitment developed by WRAP and the LGA.  So far, more than 100 local authorities have signed up to the Commitment and this charter will further help local authorities to enhance the service they offer to their residents." Liz Goodwin, CEO, WRAP

Signatories to the Charter

The following local authorities and companies have signed a commitment to the End Destination of Recycling Charter.