Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Resource Association today reacted to the approval in the European Parliament of the Bonafè report on the circular economy and associated waste legislation.    

Chief Executive Ray Georgeson said:

“The Resource Association warmly welcomes the ambition shown by the European Parliament in approving the package of measures outlined in the Bonafè report and we applaud Simona Bonafè MEP and her team for the diligence with which they have tackled this important dossier.”

“The European Parliament has sent an important signal of intent about the level of ambition needed in Europe to deliver the resource-efficient, employment-rich circular economy that we aspire to.”

“The headline figures on recycling rates are less important than the trajectory and degree of ambition.  While debate remains unresolved on the harmonisation of the point of calculation of recycling rates, the headline figure is the wrong point upon which to assess the importance of the European Parliament’s proposals.  We maintain the view that recycling should be calculated at the point where materials go for final recycling and concur with Simona Bonafè on this important issue.  If the European Commission and Council ultimately find they cannot cope with the logic of this position, they at the very least should do the decent thing and reframe the description of their headline recycling targets as what they actually are – collection targets, not recycling targets.  This is a level of transparency and integrity we would welcome.”