Monday, November 27, 2017

The Resource Association today welcomed publication of the Government’s Industrial Strategy, which included a clear emphasis on workng towards a circular economy and delivering greater resource productivity as essential elements of British business in future years. Chief Executive Ray Georgeson commented:

“It is encouraging to see government now promoting the circular economy and greater resource productivity as important features of the Industrial Strategy and we are pleased to see that our industry’s calls for greater recogonition have not gone unheard. Having marked out the production of a new Resources and Waste Strategy, the development of the Clean Growth Plan and the Defra 25-Year Environment Plan as key elements of future policy with much work to be done to successfully shape them, the challenge now is for government to harness the hunger and commitment of our industry to shape this new policy landscape. We stand ready to play our part in securing a future resources policy that places the circular economy centre stage, prizes quality recycling and delivers the sustainable manufacturing growth utilising recovered materials that we need if we are achive greater recource productivity ambitions.”

“The Industrial Strategy sets out some important criteria for successful Sector Deals, including strong elements of unity, leadership and inclusiveness from sectors seeking to establish such deals. We remain committed to this approach and look to others to collaborate with similar intent.”