Resource Association cautiously welcomes Environment Bill

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Resource Association has responded to the introduction of the government’s Environment Bill to Parliament with cautious optimism, though it acknowledged that uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the future of the government could see the Bill “blown off course”.

The Bill was included in the Queen’s Speech on 14 October and laid out a number of key measures related to waste and resources, including the implementation of extended producer responsibility, a deposit return scheme, potential charges on particular single-use items and consistency in household recycling collections. A new framework of environmental governance has also been proposed, including an Office for Environmental Protection, along with stronger powers to tackle waste crime and litter.

Despite the promising elements of the Bill, there is widespread doubt over whether it will even be implemented in this current Parliament, given the government’s lack of majority and the looming prospect of a general election.

Commenting on the Bill, Chief Executive Ray Georgeson said: “I genuinely wish the Environment Bill a fair wind, but it is hard to escape the feeling that it will be blown off course by the coming Brexit storms, whichever way they blow. There are some strong signals of intent in the proposed Bill, including the powers for the Office of Environmental Protection. We of course are keen to see detail related to extended producer responsibility, consistency and deposit return – our industry is hungry for a coherent and rounded package of reforms, not just a series of piecemeal actions. This is much needed if we are to be serious about creating a circular economy and tackling the climate emergency.”



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