Friday, March 27, 2015

YouGov survey commissioned by Resource Association shows strong public support for plastic milk bottle recycling and the use of recycled content

Statement from Resource Association in relation to the response by WRAP in today’s Guardian to the issues surrounding Closed Loop Recycling and the future of recycled plastic milk bottle recycling in the UK:

Chief Executive Ray Georgeson said: “We are encouraged by the comments from Marcus Gover of WRAP, reported in the national press today, that there is a need to “agree (ing) quickly on a new way to price recycled plastic”. We are delighted to see that Ministers and WRAP are actively pursuing a solution  - they have a solution available to them that was proposed by Closed Loop Recycling over a week ago that will provide market stability and ensure the survival of this critical UK infrastructure for plastic milk bottle recycling which is so popular with the British public.  We wish them well in their urgent endeavours, but stress again that the clock is ticking and action this day from the key influencers in this process – the retail and dairy signatories to the Dairy Roadmap – will still have the potential to salvage a critical situation.”