About the Charter

End Destinations of Recycling Charter

A common question raised by members of the public participating in household recycling schemes provided by local authorities is “Where does our recycling go?”

A recent YouGov survey commissioned by the Resource Association has shown that the public has a real interest in what happens to the recycling provided for council collection: 73% of UK adults sampled say they don’t know where materials go (in terms of plants or geography). In the same survey, 68% say more information should be available on what happens to recycled materials and 32% say they are much more likely or more likely to recycle if more information was available.

The Charter is a voluntary commitment to publish an annual Register of End Destination of Recyclates, with the aim of improving transparency in the recycling supply chain and enhancing public confidence in recycling.

By supporting this, councils and private companies operating in the recycling supply chain will improve the information gathering and reporting of what happens to recyclable material that is collected from the public.

The Association believes that councils and their commercial partners will benefit by signing up to this Charter. Through this process, members of the public will have greater confidence in the waste services they are offered if they know their recycling efforts are valued. This confidence underpins the consistent and stable supply of recyclate to the markets, in the process avoiding unnecessary disposal of waste resources.

The Resource Association calls on councils and businesses operating in the recycling sector and others that support the principle to sign up to the Charter

Full text of the End Destination of Recycling Charter is available to read and download

Findings from the report ‘Where Does the Recycling Go?’